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The Brunswick East Wine Store  at 472 Lygon Street is the product of lots and lots and lots of hard work. After scribbling a signature on a lease towards the end of 2013, the Brunswick East Wine Store ever so slowly began to take shape, with Tim spending many an hour up a ladder after working at the Seddon Wine Store or up at the Bindi winery in the Macedon Ranges. And it was up a ladder that Time would chat to curious passer’s by and talk through what it was all about; bringing something new and fresh to the community.

So what better place to open our store than in the community we call home. In 2004 Erin and Tim bought a house in Brunswick and started a family. Today we have two children, Imogen and Henry – The Little Red Crew, who both attend Brunswick East Primary just behind the Wine Store.

Brunswick East Wine Store is a labour of love and a family affair. Tim has almost 20 years working with wine – selling, growing, making, matching with food, drinking, reading, writing, talking and studying. More often than not, it will be Tim’s face you see in the store, with Erin making the odd cameo appearance too. Apologies in advance if The Little Red Crew get tangled up in your feet.

We offer quality, value for money wines, craft beer and the odd bespoke spirit; no agenda’s here, it just has to be smokin hot and value for money. And all have been personally vetted by Tim. Every single one of them.

It’s nice to work local. It’s nice to be local. We simply love living, and now working, in Brunswick.

The Stuff We Do

Wine, Craft Beer and some Wine Bar action


It’s a great big wine world out there. So when you have a finite space to put this wine, the wine needs to be ACE and simply represent great value for money. There aren’t any wine agendas here because we love all wine, but saying that there is a real focus on small independent producers who have a real sense of ‘product of place’ and who are kind to the land from where their fruit comes from; minimal intervention is key.
So be it from Ribera del Duero or Rutherglen, the Barossa Valley or Bierzo, Alsace or the Adelaide Hills; if it’s ACE and value for money then yes, we want to sell it. A+B=C you might say.

Craft Beer

Beer has come along way, not only in Australia, but around the world. Gone are the days when the choice added up to the fingers on one hand. Just recently we have seen a beer revolution with backyard brewers all over the world take it a further step and have taken their product to market. And before you know it beer fridges are swelling with fantastic IPA’s, APA’s, Pilsners, Amber Ales and so on and so forth. We love craft beer in Brunswick East!!!

The Wine Bar

For those that have already been through our store you will have seen the bar stools, tables and chairs and the tasting table out the back. Yes. The Wine Bar is coming soon.

Based on the Italian style Enoteca, all of our wines will be available by the glass or the bottle if you so choose; if you want to have a bottle here just add $10 to the price and away you go.

What we mean about all of our wines being available by the glass is this; the first 4 whites and 4 reds chosen by you, the customer, on Sunday will be poured for the rest of the week. Be it Von Buhl Riesling, Bernard Fouquet Vouvray, Vinero Pinot Noir or the Jamsheed Beechworth Shiraz. It’s all there for you to drink.

We will also be offering Sunday Specials, such as Bindi Block 5 Pinot Noir, Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier and even Giaconda Chardonnay. Prices will be determined by what the bottle is worth but invariably nothing over $30ish a glass. It’s very rare to see wines of distinction in a casual, and affordable, environment like the one we will have here.

So in affect, there is no real wine list so to speak, just whats on the shelves or in the fridge. There will also be a short menu filled with cured meats, cheese’s, pickled seafood’s and olives. All the stuff that is yum.

This is us

photo 3 updated

Even if you haven’t been in to our store you would certainly know that bottles is what we are all about; 1084 Bottles to be precise and approximately 108 working hours up a ladder with a pencil, a paint brush and a tin of paint – with the odd dab or turps here and there. And all done to a soundtrack featuring the likes of Springsteen, INXS, T-Rex, The Who, the Beastie Boys and You Am I; an eclectic playlist to go with an eclectic range.

his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine

E.E. Cummings

Whats Happening

the blah blah's

The Boss and Wine – If Bruce Springsteens songs were wine….

Does this bus stop at 82nd Street and The Eruption Cabernet Franc

What I love about this song is it is so happy and abounds with hope, “The daily news asked her for the dope and she said man the dope is there’s still hop.” Isn’t that just ace!!!! And what about that Matador getting the girl at the end. Or did the girl get the Matador?

The wine then. The Eruption Cabernet Franc 2016 from the Yarra Valley. And yes, the label says it all. This is very much a nouveau style of wine that is just so smashable for our very hot summer; tart red fruit, peppercorn berries, chewy tannins. And very much worth a full  full-page ad in the trades to announce their arrival


#Augdulgence – Pierre Morey Bourgogne Blanc 2012

Oh what a delicious beast this is!!! pierre

A serious chardonnay and most certainly a chardonnay drinkers chardonnay. Did I mention its an amazing chardonnay? A wine coming from mostly Meursault vineyards, the Pierre Morey Bourgogne Blanc 2012 is drinking superbly well right now with rich crème brûlée notes all melded deliciously with ample new oak – which does not leave splinters in your tongue – and balanced grapefruit pithy acid holding it all together.

Belle sanglate indeed and always $58, or maybe $54 this #Augdulgence. And also pouring #BTG in the wine bar at the moment for $15. Bon

#Augdulgence – Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock Heathcote Shiraz 2014

Jasper Hill. Iconic. Enough said really…jasper

Of course not. Never enough said about this amazing wine. Even when it is young it is amazing. Coming off a dry grown (un-irrigated) biodynamic vineyard in central Victoria by wine making legend Ron Laughton, Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock is, and always will be, a much coveted wine here in Australia and this weekend we will be opening it up at the wine bar on pouring it for $18 #BTG and selling retail for $84.

So as Mick Molloy famously alluded to in another Aussie Icon, Crackerjack, “that’s fair-dinkum 1972 prices!!!”

#Augdulgence – Lets Luxuryify August

To follow on from the hugely successful #TryJuly, the WINE STORE | WINE BAR bress gold shirazwon’t be slowing down one bit with the start of #Augdulgence. This month we will luxuryifying wine and show-casing the ACE flavours that might sometimes be a bridge too far in-so-far as $$$; this month I will do my best to get you going home with something super wonderful. So lets get started.

The Bress Heathcote Gold Shiraz 2014. This is such an awesome wine!!! Delish intense blackberry on the nose is accompanied with an earthy/masterstock/soy vibe going on as well. The palate follows the nose with intense dark fruit with that wet earth/tilled earth texture. All in all, just #TickityBooAce.

Drink with duck ragu and normally $48, but lets talk…


#TryJuly – #24 Ulithorne “Dona” McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014

It’s cold. The weather is moving in. Again. And it’s cold. But I already said that right? Better go and get some red wine then. donaAnd if that’s on the brief then swing on by the WINE STORE | WINE BAR to-now and grab this belter.

The Ulithorne “Dona” McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014 is the type of red wine that you just want to cuddle up with. So lets do it then. On the nose there is a distinct dark blackberry and earthy note; master stock and soy are very common in the glasses of red I am sipping this winter. The palate is a little bit old school, little bit new school with more rich dark fruit mixed in with very supple and savoury spice and earthy tones. Just delish.

Drink with a blanky over your lap and always $24

#TryJuly – #22 Vigna Stefani Heathcote Malbec 2015

Oh Melbourne!!! You certainly take, and bring, the weather with you….stefani malbec

Once again we have had some wonderful winter weather only for it to turn once again into the cold, wet and windy Melbourne we love so much. And if you need something to warm you up over the coming days, this wine is it. The Vigna Stefani Heathcote Malbec 2015 is jam packed with punter friendly #ACENESS I tell ya. From the first whiff there is very generous brambly dark fruit with blueberries coming to the fore after a while. The palate follows a similar line with more dark fruit, slatey minerality and tilled wet earth. Yep, tilled wet earth.

Very tre delicious and drink with melanzane alla parmigiana and always $22

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