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The Brunswick East Wine Store  at 472 Lygon Street is the product of lots and lots and lots of hard work. After scribbling a signature on a lease towards the end of 2013, the Brunswick East Wine Store ever so slowly began to take shape, with Tim spending many an hour up a ladder after working at the Seddon Wine Store or up at the Bindi winery in the Macedon Ranges. And it was up a ladder that Time would chat to curious passer’s by and talk through what it was all about; bringing something new and fresh to the community.

Brunswick East Wine Store is a labour of love and a family affair. Tim has almost 20 years working with wine – selling, growing, making, matching with food, drinking, reading, writing, talking and studying. More often than not, it will be Tim’s face you see in the store with apologies in advance if The Little Red Crew – Imogen and Henry –  get tangled up in your feet.

Brunswick East Wine Store offers quality, value for money wines, craft beer and the odd bespoke spirit; no agenda’s here, it just has to be smokin hot and value for money. And all have been personally vetted by Tim. Every single one of them.

It’s nice to work local. It’s nice to be local. We simply love living, and now working, in Brunswick.

The Stuff We Do

Wine, Craft Beer and some Wine Bar action


It’s a great big wine world out there. So when you have a finite space to put this wine, the wine needs to be ACE and simply represent great value for money. There aren’t any wine agendas here because we love all wine, but saying that there is a real focus on small independent producers who have a real sense of ‘product of place’ and who are kind to the land from where their fruit comes from; minimal intervention is key.
So be it from Ribera del Duero or Rutherglen, the Barossa Valley or Bierzo, Alsace or the Adelaide Hills; if it’s ACE and value for money then yes, we want to sell it. A+B=C you might say.

Craft Beer

Beer has come along way, not only in Australia, but around the world. Gone are the days when the choice added up to the fingers on one hand. Just recently we have seen a beer revolution with backyard brewers all over the world take it a further step and have taken their product to market. And before you know it beer fridges are swelling with fantastic IPA’s, APA’s, Pilsners, Amber Ales and so on and so forth. We love craft beer in Brunswick East!!!

The Wine Bar

For those that have already been through our store you will have seen the bar stools, tables and chairs and the tasting table out the back. Yes. The Wine Bar is here!!!!!

Based on the Italian style Enoteca, all of our wines are available by the glass or the bottle if you so choose. And if you want to have a bottle here you will not be slugged the normal $10 or $15 or even $20 corkage. No no no. When the wine is sub $30, say $26, then you’ll pay $30; that’s the price to drink in for all wine sub $30. That means whatever the price over $30 that’s the price; $58 is $58, $44 is $44 and $130 is $130.

What we mean about all of our wines being available by the glass is this; the first 3 whites and 3 reds chosen by you, the customer, on Sunday will be poured for the rest of the week. Be it Harewood Riesling, ArFion Pinot Noir, Schwarz Wine Co. Grenache or the Jamsheed Beechworth Shiraz. It’s all there for you to drink.

We will also be offering Sunday Specials, such as Bindi Block 5 Pinot Noir, Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier and even Giaconda Chardonnay. Prices will be determined by what the bottle is worth but invariably nothing over $30ish a glass. It’s very rare to see wines of distinction in a casual, and affordable, environment like the one we will have here.

NB: Wine Bar closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

So in affect, there is no real wine list so to speak, just whats on the shelves or in the fridge. There will also be a short menu filled with cured meats, cheese’s, pickled seafood’s and olives. All the stuff that is yum.

This is us

photo 3 updated

Even if you haven’t been in to our store you would certainly know that bottles is what we are all about; 1084 Bottles to be precise and approximately 108 working hours up a ladder with a pencil, a paint brush and a tin of paint – with the odd dab or turps here and there. And all done to a soundtrack featuring the likes of Springsteen, INXS, T-Rex, The Who, the Beastie Boys and You Am I; an eclectic playlist to go with an eclectic range.

his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine

E.E. Cummings

Whats Happening

the blah blah's

If A Wine Were An Album – Tidy Town Orange and Temperamental by the Divinyls

Yo birdies

After a grinding day working or supervising home-schooling or both, sometimes you just need some peace and quiet; that desert island vibe. But the savages (children/cats/dogs/housemates) have their noses pressed up against the glass. They’re tapping away on it, hissing and demanding your attention. What do you do? You join them!!!

If this seems familiar I suggest you put on the Divinyls “Temperamental” and rip the scab off the brand new vintage of the Tidy Town Moscato Giallo Orange 2020 from Heathcote.

Yo Chrissie

The Wine: raw, savage, chamomile, vibrant, mustard leaf, mesmerising – like Chrissie,

The Album; gripping, evocative, tragic, outside the square – like the Tidy Town Moscato Giallo.

Well there you have it. The first objective of music and wine is escape. But if you can’t beat them, well join those treacherous bastards and crank up the tunes.

The Tidy Town Moscato Giallo Orange 2020 is here for a good time and not a long time and is in the fridge for $28.

Have Your Party Here!!!

Those of you who know our little WINE STORE | WINE BAR will know that we have quite an intimate space for wine bar action sprawling over 3 rooms.

To mark 5 years in business (yep 5 years!!!) we will now make our space available for groups upto 20 people. This will be available every day with Saturdays being the only day that there maybe some restrictions given Saturday is our tasting day.

All occasions can be individually catered to your preferences be it food such as pizza delivered from across the street, something from Uber thats tickles your taste-buds or a selections from our bar snack menu be it cheese, olives or some Mo Vida Spanish tinned seafood. And we have heaps of wine with no corkage on wine that is $30 or more. Super catch that Ritchie!!!

So if you want to inquire about a little soiree in our wonderful space, give Tim a call on 9384-0875 or email on wine@brunswickeastwine.com.au

The Beer Loyalty Card is Back!!!!!

That’s right folks. Australia’s only Beer Loyalty Card is back in store. The way it works is we stamp your card with every 6ixer or 4 pack purchase and when you come in and purchase your 9inth pack, we’ll give you a free 6ixer of our Melways 6A mixed 6ix pack – for FREE and for REALS!!!!

How good is that!!!!

#OnFoot in October – Peroni Nastro Azzurro

This month we have the always popular and smashable Peroni Nastro Azzurro – Italian brewed Peroni (is it still brewed here in Oz?) – as our #OnFoot special

We currently have this ripping little Italian lager for just $18.00 a 6ixer, but after some investigationing we found out that a home delivery alcohol service has it for a mere $24.99. But wait, there’s more. One of our nearby competitors has Peroni Nastro Azzurro for $19.50 a 6ixer; that’s the ‘Lowest price guarantee’ for you I guess. So for the month of October we will have Peroni Nastro Azzurro for just $16.00 a 6ixer!!!!! Bigingoes indeed.

So we guess we’ll see you soon #OnFoot Brunswick.

#OnFoot in September

We all love a bargain, and this one quite simply takes the cake.

What else would you rather be sipping on on a wondrous Melbourne Spring day than a crisp Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. But we have done some investigationing and one online delivery service has these rippers at $36.90. Another competitor close by has them for $27.49 pick up. Wow-Wee thats a lot. Here? Well usually they’re $25.90. For this months #OnFoot they are $22.00 a 6ixer. And we’ll even throw in 2 ridgy-didge beer glasses. How bonza is that?!?!?!?!!?

What is #OnFoot all about?

For almost 5 years we here at the Brunswick East Wine Store have had a very simple philosophy; engage with our customers, find out what they want and sell them ace booze at an ace price. Simple!

But 5 years is a long time and much has happened in that stretch. With the advent of online home delivery this past 12 months we have noticed quite the downturn in sales.

We all love convenience but at what price should we accept said convenience? In the past few weeks it has come to our attention that the online delivery service providers are charging MASSIVE sums to deliver wine and beer. With this we did some investigationing and came across UberDrinks charging $31.50 for a 6 pack of La Sirene Citray Sour. Here; $22.50. Alway has been.

So with this we are kicking off our #OnFoot promotion to get people to come back to our ace store so they can once again pay a whole heap less for their/your booze. But not only are we are always cheaper we will also knock $1 off the promoted beer/wine over the 2 week promotion of each product. Yep, La Sirene Citray Sour for the next 2 weeks will be $21.50!!!!! Money in your pockets and ace beer in your belly. So Bonza.

Let the #OnFoot revolution commence!!!!

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