Between 5 Bells Heathcote Red Wine 2013

An interesting label you say? Yes it is. An interesting blend? Double Yes.

These guys do not do things by halves and certainly not weighed down by convention when it comes to blending. Nero d’Avola, Chardonnay, Riesling and Negreoamaro. Yep. All in one blend. And no SO2. That’s the funky stuff. But you know what? It really works and tastes awesomely tickityboo.

The nose starts with bright blueberry that slowly takes on a more tart complexity with blood orange citrus poking through. The palate starts pretty much the same way as the nose with clean and bright fruit up front which slowly evolves in to a dry garden herbage; think fennel.

All in all, a ripping wine. $37

A very unusual blend indeed

A very unusual blend indeed